Definition of mumblecore in English:



mass noun
  • A style of low-budget film typically characterized by the use of non-professional actors and naturalistic or improvised performances.

    ‘an actor/filmmaker known for his cinematic experimentations with mumblecore’
    as modifier ‘the mumblecore movement’
    • ‘Their latest, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, is their most successful attempt to blend mumblecore sensibilities with mainstream techniques.’
    • ‘He's not a disciple of realism for its own sake; neither is he from the shambolic, guerrilla school of film-making known as mumblecore.’
    • ‘Jay and Mark Duplass broke into the movie-making scene as part of the lo-fi movement dubbed "mumblecore."’
    • ‘Fans of Wes Anderson, mumblecore, and oddball romantic comedies should feel right at home.’
    • ‘With this leave-it-to-chance flair and in a few other ways, The Wolf Knife retains some of the mumblecore energy of her first feature.’
    • ‘The confident leader is Violet (Greta Gerwig, a familiar figure in the so-called "mumblecore" school of garrulous independent film-making).’
    • ‘He has since developed a style that owes a debt to classic American indies but also feels connected to a newer generation of "mumblecore" directors who specialize in chatty, angsty comedy-dramas.’
    • ‘And if, indeed, it had the potential to end up being "the mumblecore film to outlast its moment?"’
    • ‘It's a concept that could have been turned into a variety of films, everything from a micro-budget mumblecore piece to a big-budget studio laugher.’
    • ‘Essentially this is a mumblecore comedy with moments of horror woven in.’
    • ‘This savvy, emotionally rich comedy-drama proves that the often sloppy Mumblecore genre has room for more disciplined and intelligent entertainment.’
    • ‘The cast begins in that mumblecore mode of quietly overreacting to everything, but once the testosterone starts oozing, the characters jump out.’


Early 21st century from mumble (probably with reference to the style of acting) + -core.