Definition of mumbling in English:



  • Speaking or spoken in a quiet and indistinct way.

    ‘inarticulate, mumbling speeches’
    • ‘his mumbling manner and poor communication skills’
    • ‘Never one to be clearly understood, he takes his mumbling incoherence to new depths.’
    • ‘His mumbling, stammering, wincing performance may be a little mannered and actorly.’
    • ‘A full-length commentary features Hill and McDonald offer a rambling, mumbling discussion of the real events behind some of the film's plot points.’
    • ‘You're that mumbling teenager, angry at everything without being able to make your anger understood.’
    • ‘He's a gentle, mumbling soul who means well but never quite manages to make those around him happy.’
    • ‘This even includes a section in which a speech therapist analyses his mumbling sentences.’
    • ‘He's geeky to a fault, quirky, talks in a mumbling, nasally fashion, and he's generally just crazy.’
    • ‘Its strange how so many little problems can render me a mumbling, incoherent madman.’
    • ‘Mobile phones are turning us into a nation of mumbling idiots with a set of stock phrases such as "Hi!"’
    • ‘The boys in the office made mumbling noises about the fact that I'd got my hair cut, and studiously avoided saying anything else.’



/ˈməmb(ə)liNG/ /ˈməmb(ə)lɪŋ/