Definition of mummery in English:


nounplural noun mummeries

  • 1A performance by mummers.

    dumb show, pantomime, mummery
    1. 1.1Ridiculous ceremonial, especially of a religious nature.
      ‘that's all it is, mere mummery’
      • ‘The United Nations is a dim hive of self-interested parties engaged in endless parliamentary mummery, united by a consensual delusion that all nations are equal.’
      • ‘The puerility and sloth of the students, the pure nothingness of the curriculum: it's all sham and mummery, gutless as a haiku poem.’
      • ‘The traditions of the latter three in divine service were largely those that came to American shores: plain people worshipping plainly who would have no truck with papist mummery.’
      • ‘Controversy surrounded the early years of the priest's incumbency due to accusations from local newspapers of increased levels of ‘Popish and Pagan mummeries’ within St Michael's services.’
      • ‘In the Enquiry he called Catholics ‘devotees of superstition’ and Catholic liturgy ‘mummeries.’’



/ˈməmərē/ /ˈməməri/


Mid 16th century from Old French momerie, from momer (see mummer).