Definition of Munchausen's syndrome in English:

Munchausen's syndrome


(also Munchausen syndrome)
  • 1A mental condition in which a person repeatedly seeks medical attention for falsified, exaggerated, or self-inflicted physical symptoms.

    ‘The notes would also have shown that he had Munchausen's syndrome - a mental disorder in which the patient tries to obtain hospital treatment for an illness that does not exist.’
    • ‘People with Munchausen's syndrome often go from doctor to doctor and gain admission into many hospitals.’
    • ‘Patients with Munchausen's syndrome - named for an 18 th-century German baron known for his outlandish tales - fake illness to gain attention.’
    • ‘This patient appears to fit the criteria of Munchausen's syndrome as well.’
    • ‘Only a minority of parents who deliberately harm their children have exhibited features of Munchausen's syndrome themselves and little is known about the psychopathology underlying the fabrication of illness in older children.’
    1. 1.1Munchausen's syndrome by proxyA mental condition in which a person repeatedly seeks medical attention for another person for symptoms that are falsified, exaggerated, or deliberately induced.
      ‘Furthermore, the social workers said, Anamarie might be a victim of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy - a psychological disorder that causes parents to harm their children in order to draw attention to themselves.’
      • ‘Factitious disorder by proxy, also known as Munchausen's syndrome by proxy, is characterized by a caregiver (often a mother) fabricating or inducing illness in her charge in order to attract medical attention.’
      • ‘Among them was the trial of a nurse diagnosed with Munchausen's syndrome by proxy, who received 13 life sentences for killing four children and injuring nine other patients.’
      • ‘Some of the mothers were accused of having Munchausen's syndrome by proxy.’
      • ‘The first appeals by parents whose children were taken from them after medical experts diagnosed Munchausen's syndrome by proxy began today.’


Munchausen's syndrome

/ˈˌmo͝onCHouzənz ˈsinˌdrōm/ /ˈˌmʊntʃaʊzənz ˈsɪnˌdroʊm/