Definition of mundanity in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈdānətē/

nounplural noun mundanities

See mundane

‘For some people, alcohol appears to be a form of escapism from the mundanity of everyday life or a way of allowing themselves to relax in company (with our anti-social/unsocialised nature that's no surprise).’
  • ‘Seeking a publisher in the 1950s, Gorey met with a lot of rejection, editors seemingly unable to find humour in his gothic tales of disturbed and disrupted mundanity, his drawings of gnarled creatures lurking in moonlit landscapes.’
  • ‘And I love the fun of being able to dream out loud, and to create worlds into which your readers can escape from mundanity, refresh themselves, and maybe bring back with them to the ‘real’ world.’
  • ‘I'm considering writing a song called 21: 22 Monday Evening, which would certainly cover frustration and mundanity, though thankfully would be pretty light on heartbreak.’
  • ‘Any company that advertises itself as ‘fun’ is simply making a desperate and futile attempt to distract attention away from the soul-destroying mundanity that is the reality of its day-to-day life.’