Definition of municipalize in English:


transitive verb

(also British municipalise)
[with object]
  • Bring under the control or ownership of the authorities of a city or town.

    ‘an expensive commitment to municipalize rented housing’
    • ‘In 1904, however, along with the other water companies, it was municipalised under the Metropolitan Water Board.’
    • ‘Water-supply service is municipalized in Japan, and most municipalities in Osaka Prefecture receive their water from more than 1 source.’
    • ‘In 1883 Birmingham became the first British city to municipalize its art school.’
    • ‘Johnson's attempts at municipalising Cleveland Electric were frustrated by a state law that prohibited municipal ownership of a street railway company.’
    • ‘At the same time as Birmingham was municipalising its street railways it was also municipalising its electric utilities.’
    • ‘They regard the municipal idea as rank socialism and think immediately anything is municipalised that their country is going to the dogs.’
    • ‘Although he was aged 92 in 1948, he would probably have pointed to the implications of failing to municipalise Harley St.’
    • ‘What he does not go on to say is that Adenauer saved the day by municipalising just about everything.’



/myo͞oˈnisəpəˌlīz/ /mjuˈnɪsəpəˌlaɪz/