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‘I guess he must have had to work murderously hard at it during some stage in his life, but his gifts are so obvious and are worn so lightly and are so integrated with his persona that saying he is a ‘natural’ is a ridiculous understatement.’
  • ‘It was murderously cold outside, and if you felt the need to be around your fellow humans nothing beats the mall; you can be together without sharing anything except your location.’
  • ‘The murderously obscene verse that he occasionally turned on his rivals and enemies matched the aggression and violence of the time, but it also sprang from the same tormented and inspired source as his own helpless love.’
  • ‘We are fighting, with one-and-a-half hands tied behind our back, an enemy that's totally, absolutely, viciously, murderously ruthless.’
  • ‘The youths, laughing until then, turned murderously angry, insulted the women, and brandished their screwdrivers.’



/ˈmərd(ə)rəslē/ /ˈmərd(ə)rəsli/