Definition of muriatic acid in English:

muriatic acid


archaic term for hydrochloric acid
‘If the floor is not flushed thoroughly with water after clean up, the muriatic acid will continue to leach lime from the grout causing the whitish dust.’
  • ‘In the two wet cleaning systems, no muriatic acid or compounds containing muriatic acid may be used.’
  • ‘If the mortar smears still remain, wait a week (until the masonry cures) and clean with a solution of one part muriatic acid to nine parts water, mixed in a plastic bucket.’
  • ‘Any eye contact with muriatic acid solution should be followed immediately by irrigating the eyes with plenty of water.’
  • ‘When I was a kid, my dad used muriatic acid to clean hard-water stains from the family bathtub.’


muriatic acid

/ˌmyo͝orēˌadik ˈasəd/ /ˌmjʊriˌædɪk ˈæsəd/


Mid 18th century from muriatic (late 17th century, from Latin muriaticus ‘pickled in brine’, from muria ‘brine’) + acid.