Definition of muricate in English:



(also muricated)
Botany Zoology
  • Studded with short rough points.

    ‘For example, a specimen-dependent (not species-dependent) character such as the pustules of the muricate texture ranks first from the ninth harmonic.’
    • ‘The group was initially characterized by small and globular taxa with a muricate funnel-pore wall texture.’
    • ‘When dried, the emergences are sometimes difficult to see, resembling flattened, near-hyaline scales or giving the calyx wall a muricate or roughened appearance.’
    • ‘Resembles Lophocolea muricata in being muricate, but the leaves of that species are bidentate with a sinus, whereas these have an apical spine.’
    • ‘The ovary of Speranskia (subtribe Speranskiinae) and Caperonia (subtribe Ditaxinae) is muricate.’
    prickly, spiky, thorny, thistly, briary, brambly, bristly, bristled, spiked, barbed, pronged, scratchy, sharp



/ˈmyo͝orəkāt/ /ˈmjʊrəkeɪt/ /ˈmyo͝orəkət/ /ˈmjʊrəkət/


Mid 17th century from Latin muricatus ‘shaped like a murex’.