Definition of muricate in English:


(also muricated)

Pronunciation /ˈmyo͝orəkāt/ /ˈmjʊrəkeɪt/ /ˈmyo͝orəkət/ /ˈmjʊrəkət/


Botany Zoology
  • Studded with short rough points.

    ‘For example, a specimen-dependent (not species-dependent) character such as the pustules of the muricate texture ranks first from the ninth harmonic.’
    • ‘The group was initially characterized by small and globular taxa with a muricate funnel-pore wall texture.’
    • ‘When dried, the emergences are sometimes difficult to see, resembling flattened, near-hyaline scales or giving the calyx wall a muricate or roughened appearance.’
    • ‘Resembles Lophocolea muricata in being muricate, but the leaves of that species are bidentate with a sinus, whereas these have an apical spine.’
    • ‘The ovary of Speranskia (subtribe Speranskiinae) and Caperonia (subtribe Ditaxinae) is muricate.’
    prickly, spiky, thorny, thistly, briary, brambly, bristly, bristled, spiked, barbed, pronged, scratchy, sharp


Mid 17th century from Latin muricatus ‘shaped like a murex’.