Definition of murine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmyo͝orˌīn/ /ˈmjʊrˌaɪn/


  • Relating to or affecting mice or related rodents.

    Murine rodents belong to the family Muridae, in particular the subfamily Murinae of the Old World

    ‘We examined these effects on the recovery of divergence dates within anthropoid primates and between two murine rodents, the mouse and the rat.’
    • ‘The derivation of murine embryonic stem cells were first reported in 1981.’
    • ‘We have demonstrated the utility of our approaches by examining developmental changes in the murine mammary gland during the transition to puberty.’
    • ‘All mice were housed in a pathogen-free barrier facility in which sentinel mice were periodically monitored for common murine pathogens.’
    • ‘Some parts seem to be like bird or avian viruses, while other bits are similar to bovine or murine viruses.’


Early 17th century from Latin murinus, from mus, mur- ‘mouse’.