Definition of murther in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmərT͟Hər/ /ˈmərðər/


  • old form of murder (noun)

    ‘This convinced D' Ewes that ‘all impartiall judgements [had] just ground to conclude it to be the finger of God himselfe, in punishing the mercilesse murthers of his dear Saints.’’
    • ‘I appeal to every reader of feeling and sentiment whether the fictitious murther of Duncan by Macbeth in Shakespeare does not excite in him as great a horror of villainy, as the real one of Henry IV by Ravaillac as related by Davila?’
    • ‘Formerly, for example, there was variation between d and th: father and mother were until the 16c written fader and moder; burden and murder were until the 19c written burthen and murther.’

transitive verb

[with object]archaic
  • old form of murder (verb)

    • ‘his poor ghost has been seen on the battlements coming from this very chamber, where he was murthered’