Definition of muscarine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməskəˌrēn/ /ˈməskəˌrin/


  • A poisonous compound present in certain fungi, including the fly agaric.

    An alkaloid; chemical formula: C₉H₂₁NO₃

    ‘Two main classes of ACh receptors have been identified on the basis of their responsiveness to the toadstool alkaloid, muscarine, and to nicotine, respectively: the muscarinic receptors and the nicotinic receptors.’
    • ‘These terms are used because nicotine mimics the action of acetylcholine at nicotinic receptors, whereas muscarine, an alkaloid from the mushroom Amanita muscaria, mimics the action of acetylcholine at the muscarinic receptors.’
    • ‘Many Inocybe and Clitocybe mushrooms contain larger concentrations of muscarine than does A. muscaria.’


Late 19th century based on Latin musca ‘fly’.