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  • 1A variety of white, red, or black grape with a musky scent, grown in warm climates for wine or raisins or as table grapes.

    ‘This is actually a blend of five grape varieties - Sylvaner, muscat, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris.’
    • ‘Cabernet, Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillion and muscat (for dessert wines) are the other important grapes.’
    • ‘One such grape variety is muscat, which with typical Mediterranean ardour makes up a large, colourful, diverse family that has the capacity to make all sorts of wines.’
    • ‘This brilliant tri-varietal white blends the buttery character of Chardonnay with the aniseed, angelica and citrus flavours of Sauvignon and muscat grapes.’
    • ‘‘Symphony’ is a white grape that is a cross of Grenache Gris and muscat.’
    • ‘There are many different kinds of gliko, for example made with muscat grapes, immature green walnuts, bitter oranges (or any citrus fruits picked when they are still small and green), small unripe figs, and sour or sweet cherries.’
    • ‘The muscat grape is an aromatic one that smells of ripe juicy eating grapes.’
    • ‘Then the last call came, so we had last small bites of our favorites from the tray - in my case muscat jelly, crostata, and fig with prosciutto.’
    • ‘I had the foie gras torchon with muscat gelee & toasted country bread.’
    • ‘With its rich, fruity, muscat-flavor, this grape provides an important alternative to Muscat of Alexandria, the muscat most commonly used to make dessert wines or confections such as chocolate-covered raisins.’
    • ‘For starters, I had a medallion of goose and duck foie gras embedded in a muscat and calves foot jelly, and Abi has a warm goats cheese salad.’
    • ‘Other afters included caramelised homemade brioche, banana tatin with a rum crème brulée and orange and muscat jelly with dark chocolate ice cream - all at £4.50.’
    • ‘The light floral perfume and clean grapey flavour of muscat bonds beautifully with an Argentinean apricot dryness and lots of zing to create a refreshing, almost savoury aperitif that should be drunk as young as possible.’
    • ‘It is usually made from the muscat grape, which has a high sugar content.’
    • ‘At a recent tasting they quaffed a Viognier with a tuna tartare appetizer, a Cabernet Sauvignon with an osso bucco main course, and a dessert wine made from muscat grapes with chocolate mousse.’
    1. 1.1A wine made from a muscat grape, especially a sweet or fortified white wine.
      ‘There would be no such thing as port or sherry from Portugal and Spain, no Barossa or Clare Riesling from Australia, where the possibility of Rutherglen muscats would never have been attempted.’
      • ‘It turns out to be rather good, particularly the muscats from the Patrimonio region, and after several samplings, friendly relations are restored.’
      • ‘I have used sweet muscat wine to good effect here, especially when I once dropped in some neat cubes of salami too.’
      • ‘These days, it's sipped more reservedly as a dessert liqueur - the experts say only muscat, with its sweet, nutty power, can stand up to chocolate and coffee.’
      • ‘Finally, add a drizzle of some favorite liqueurs, such as Grand Marnier, B&B, or cassis, and orange muscat dessert wine.’
      • ‘A bottle of orange muscat was ordered to match the inspired dessert of chocolate fondue with orange, apple, pear and strawberry.’
      • ‘Ring the changes with smoked duck or other game and you will be better off with a delicious smoky, grapey, musky muscat.’
      • ‘Aromatic off-dry whites make fine summer swiggers, equally good as aperitifs and spicy food wines, and this mouthwatering, musky, aniseed-spiked Aussie muscat is one of the best.’
      • ‘Wine snobs denigrate aromatic, off-dry whites like this ripe, musky, hot-house grape-stashed muscat, with an intriguing hint of aniseed on the finish.’
      • ‘Spring into spring with this fragrant, grapey, musky muscat with lots of delicious, lively hot-house fruit on the palate and an intriguing smoky finish that was born for warm weather aperitif swigging and spicy oriental fare.’
      • ‘On the white wine front, Argentina's most distinctive grape is torrontes, which makes a delicate, floral wine reminiscent of dry muscat and Gewürztraminer with much lighter body.’
      • ‘An exotic Lebanese assemblage of Sauvignon and muscat, this crisp, complex wine has a nose of light apricot and white flowers.’
      • ‘Proof that the Cape can and does produce clean, lively aromatic whites is this ridiculously cheap yet surprisingly elegant muscat.’
      • ‘You can probably get most people to agree that sweet wines are sweet, and that, in the right circumstances, Gewürztraminer tastes of lychees, Cabernet Sauvignon of blackcurrants, Rioja of vanilla and muscat of grapes.’



/ˈməsˌkat/ /ˈməsˌkæt/


French, from Provençal, from musc ‘musk’.

Main definitions of Muscat in English

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proper noun

  • The capital of Oman, a port in the northeastern part of the country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian peninsula; population 620,000 (est. 2007).



/ˈməsˌkat/ /ˈməsˌkæt/