Definition of muscled in English:



  • Having well-developed muscles.

    ‘men displaying muscled physiques’
    • ‘my heavily muscled arms’
    • ‘She was expecting some big, dark-haired, tall, muscled, handsome man.’
    • ‘He was handsome for sure - well muscled with dark brown hair reaching to the nape of his neck.’
    • ‘She was small, but her body was muscled and lean.’
    • ‘He looked like one of those really muscled athletes.’
    • ‘The sight of his muscled chest nearly took her breath away.’
    • ‘Edward slid his shirt over his head, exposing a lean muscled torso and flat stomach.’
    • ‘His legs were much more powerfully muscled.’
    • ‘Although this individual's legs were relatively poorly developed, his arms and shoulders were exceptionally strongly muscled.’
    • ‘His back was turned towards her, his tall and muscled body and wide masculine shoulders very clear.’
    • ‘He's not just tall, but big and muscled and generally quite scary.’