Definition of muscovado in English:


(also muscovado sugar)


mass noun
  • Unrefined sugar made from the juice of sugar cane by evaporating it and draining off the molasses.

    • ‘While I used cane sugar in these, the main sugar content in my cakes this year were light muscovado and dark molasses sugars which I happened to have at hand.’
    • ‘To make the pudding, put the 200g butter into a food processor along with the caster sugar, remaining 100g muscovado sugar, eggs, flour, salt, baking powder and lemon zest.’
    • ‘For the record, our sugars are regular white granulated, fructose, light brown, superfine, palm, powdered, turbinado, muscovado, and demerara.’
    • ‘The darkest of ordinary western sugars is Barbados or muscovado.’
    • ‘Don't just use white sugar - adding some muscovado and even black treacle will boost the flavour.’
    • ‘In a medium bowl, combine 1 cup flour, muscovado sugar, oats, and oil, mixing well with a spoon or your hands until the mixture holds together in clumps and all the flour is incorporated.’
    • ‘Pour two shots of good rum into a whisky glass with two good squeezes of fresh lime juice and a large spoonful of muscovado sugar.’
    • ‘And I used muscovado sugar instead of regular light brown!’
    • ‘It's crystallized like muscovado sugar, but the crystals are more fragile and collapse faster in your mouth.’
    • ‘Using a mortar and pestle, mix the berries with the muscovado sugar and lime juice, crush roughly and leave to marinade with the purple basil leaves.’
    • ‘Pirates in search of muscovado, the valuable raw brown sugar that was being produced for the European market, were plentiful among those beautiful island-dotted waters between 1690 and 1720.’
    • ‘Would you know from a food label that maltose, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrolysed starch, muscovado, amazake and carob powder are all sources of sugar?’
    • ‘Place the chocolate, sour cream and muscovado sugar in a heavy saucepan over a very low heat.’
    • ‘Mix together the egg, 125g muscovado sugar, treacle, buttermilk and remaining butter until smooth.’
    • ‘But there is also cardamom, cinnamon, stem ginger, bittersweet chocolate, mango and lime, toasted coconut and dark rum, spiced coffee, dark roast coffee, and most recently, banana muscovado.’


Early 17th century from Portuguese mascabado (açúcar) ‘(sugar) of the lowest quality’.