Definition of museography in English:



another term for museology
‘Our proposal for the reorganization of the museum is not a novelty in the museography of the ancient funeral monuments, it is successfully applied in France, Germany, Greece, Hungary etc.’
  • ‘These projects, associated with new technologies, give us the possibility to elaborate proposals concretes for a new museography related to the slow design.’
  • ‘Aimed at the museum's staff, the formation - seminars, colloquium and study journeys - covers all the museology and museography fields.’
  • ‘In contact with biologists, this department is thus able to draw and realize an entire panel of museography presentation.’
  • ‘It deals with the present practice in museography, which is dedicated to distribution of knowledge and realization of modern scientific researches.’
  • ‘The course aims at presenting an overview of the most important tools and processes of ethnographic museography, with special attention to the theoretical debates on the subject.’
  • ‘Content of the team: the team is made up of a solid bunch of designers who will need the following skills: architecture (representative of the team), museography, technical studies, building aconomy.’
  1. 1.1 rare The systematic description of objects in museums.



/ˌmyo͞ozēˈäɡrəfē/ /ˌmjuziˈɑɡrəfi/