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  • A building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

    as name ‘the Museum of Modern Art’
    • ‘the museum is noted for its fine fossil collection’
    • ‘a museum curator’
    • ‘it is difficult to avoid the feeling that the city is now a living museum’
    • ‘Yet public interest in visiting such museums and historical sites is not always so keen.’
    • ‘Often the museums are set in buildings that have as much interest as the things they contain.’
    • ‘The software will be of interest to schools and museums, as well as town planners.’
    • ‘The trail included all the exhibitions in the museum as well as the art gallery.’
    • ‘There are a number of museums and places of historic interest where old cipher machines are exhibited.’
    • ‘However, some of Venice's best art isn't in its museums and galleries, but in the Scuole.’
    • ‘Worst hit will be the big museums and galleries that have not benefited from the recent large rises in funding.’
    • ‘The records of our heritage are preserved in the museums and archives of the country.’
    • ‘That figure makes the lost art worth more than all the paintings now in American galleries and museums.’
    • ‘When she took up her post in 1998, the city's museums and galleries were in poor shape.’
    • ‘The result of their talent and hard work went on display at the museum in an exhibition that is due to end today.’
    • ‘There are now plans to use the disused ringing chamber as a small museum of church archives.’
    • ‘The new museum adds to a number of other museums that have been set up in Kerala on the history of the Church.’
    • ‘The reason people come to museums, essentially, is to see the exhibits up close.’
    • ‘The building was meant to house a museum for the ancient university in its basement.’
    • ‘We know that more people go to museums and art galleries than go sporting events.’
    • ‘The vast majority went to historic buildings and other conservation schemes and to museums.’
    • ‘For those in search of culture, Milan has numerous museums with rich and varied collections.’
    • ‘Than you can go to Shanghai museum, one of the best museums of ancient China in the world.’
    • ‘At present, it is split into a museum on the ground floor and an art gallery upstairs.’
    record office, registry, repository, museum, chancery



/myo͞oˈzēəm/ /mjuˈziəm/


Early 17th century (denoting a university building, specifically one erected at Alexandria by Ptolemy Soter): via Latin from Greek mouseion ‘seat of the Muses’, based on mousa ‘muse’.