Definition of mushiness in English:



See mushy

‘I feel the dryness of paper and the mushiness of banana peels and the roughness of dried bread as I rummage through the trash.’
  • ‘The steak (called bistec a la plancha) turned out to be a featureless sliced fillet, and my order of halibut wrapped in hoja santa leaves was steamed into a state of vapid mushiness.’
  • ‘Currants and mint give the rice-stuffed grape leaves a sweet, bright flavor rather than their characteristic one-note mushiness.’
  • ‘He is undoubtedly talented and his songs can be endearing even in their shameless mushiness.’
  • ‘Nor did we find any of the brake mushiness mentioned by some reviewers.’



/ˈməSHēnəs/ /ˈməʃinəs/