Definition of mushrat in English:



North American
another term for muskrat
‘The mushrat, it was pointed out to me, is a very clean animal that swims, and eats only vegetation.’
  • ‘I had hopes to get out and catch a few mushrats but I'm not sure there are any left alive.’
  • ‘Trouble is, mushrats are rather prolific and in no time another one or a dozen will show up to take their place.’
  • ‘Forests are rich in fur-bearing animals: sables, squirrels, mushrats, ermines.’
  • ‘I never had gauntlet gloves but always thought they'd be nice trapping mushrats, etc.’
  • ‘I don't think mushrats eat fish but I know mink and otter do.’



/ˈməSHrat/ /ˈməʃræt/