Definition of mushroom anchor in English:

mushroom anchor


  • An anchor whose shape resembles that of a mushroom.

    ‘Use danforth and mushroom anchors to show differences in gripping the bottom.’
    • ‘Then, still holding the mushroom anchor line near its attachment to the mark, let the mushroom anchor go.’
    • ‘This 1 pound mushroom anchor is a good anchor for small gang rigs or larger decoys such as goose or sea ducks.’
    • ‘Any mooring other than a mushroom anchor or helix mooring shall be at the sole discretion of the Harbormaster.’
    • ‘The polymer coated mushroom anchors are resistant to rust, salt water, gasoline, oil and acid.’
    • ‘These mushroom anchors have a classic design that digs in well and holds your spread on soft lake bottoms.’
    • ‘It recommends either a 3anchor bridle system or a mushroom anchor of at least 250 lb for a 35 ft cruising sailboat.’
    • ‘The mushroom anchor offers a wide area cap that offers effective holding power in mud and weeds.’
    • ‘In calm water, he simply unsnaps the chain and uses the mushroom anchor by itself.’
    • ‘It's not common knowledge that a mushroom anchor must be tipped over and ‘set’ in the same way that one ‘sets’ a conventional anchor.’
    • ‘First, I would recommend that you use a granite or concrete block for your mooring rather than a mushroom anchor such as the one pictured in your drawing.’
    • ‘These moorings can be used in most seabed situations, but commonly used in rocky areas where mushroom anchors cannot be used.’
    • ‘With added chain, the mushroom anchor works very well in sand as well as rock.’
    • ‘Extensive damage to watercraft which have been moored with classical mushroom anchors during hurricanes indicates a need for an improved self-seating anchor.’
    • ‘In most harbors, though, a mushroom anchor might be buried a foot or two in a mud bottom and is usually canted to the prevailing winds.’
    • ‘The mushroom anchor was designed in 1807 by Robert Stevenson, grandfather of the famous writer Robert Lewis Stevenson.’
    • ‘The mushroom anchor is a great little piece of engineering.’