Definition of mushroomy in English:



See mushroom

‘This was as pretty as it was good, a fine interplay between a select chunk of fish, firm beans and delicate, mushroomy sauce with a touch of sweetness to it.’
  • ‘The menu mentions a ‘creamy sauce,’ generally a cause for concern - but in this case, mere dabs of a mushroomy cream accent rather than smother.’
  • ‘Cooleeney, the white-mould cheese made in the middle of the Tipperary bogs, is best eaten at about nine weeks, when the texture is velvety and the taste oaky and mushroomy.’
  • ‘Tempeh also boasts a wonderfully chewy texture and a robust, slightly mushroomy taste.’
  • ‘The Taleggio, with its soft almost Brie-like texture and milky, mushroomy flavour is pretty high on my wish list.’