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adjetivoadjetivo mushier, adjetivo mushiest

  • 1Soft and pulpy.

    ‘mushy vegetables’
    • ‘cook until the fruit is mushy’
    • ‘Then the accompanying bouillon, a spicy broth scented with chilli and cumin with the customary soft, but not mushy, root vegetables and a sprinkling of firm, floury chickpeas.’
    • ‘Keep tasting it - the rice should be soft but not mushy.’
    • ‘When the rice is done, and that is when it's soft but not mushy, stir in the honey, chili paste and bacon.’
    • ‘Simmer until the mango is soft and mushy and most of the vinegar has evaporated.’
    • ‘When cooking them in stews, add them towards the end so they don't go soft and mushy.’
    • ‘Stir constantly until the peaches turn soft and a little mushy.’
    • ‘Stepping towards the centre of the cave she felt her feet slowly sink into the soft and mushy ground, the colour was dark brown and it looked and felt like runny sludge.’
    • ‘Add tomatoes and stew for about 5 minutes until soft but not mushy.’
    • ‘Check the quality, rejecting any soft or mushy bulbs or any that show signs of rot or mildew.’
    • ‘They're soft and mushy, anemically pale yellow, and thick-cut - perfect for soaking up a squirt of malt vinegar or dipping in a side order of mildly spicy curry sauce.’
    • ‘The meat should be firm to the touch, not soft or mushy.’
    • ‘When the stem finally separates completely, which is called full slip, the melon is very ripe and won't last long before turning soft and mushy.’
    • ‘They should be deep orange-yellow and soft but not mushy.’
    • ‘Feed soft, mushy types of food for the first 2 days after whelping.’
    • ‘If the leaves appear soft or mushy, they may have been overwatered and are not likely to survive after being transplanted.’
    • ‘Fry potatoes in butter until they are soft but not mushy and nicely browned.’
    • ‘‘When you eat them when they're soft and mushy, when they come out of their skin, they taste like cold, canned asparagus,’ he said.’
    • ‘Eat astringent persimmons only after they turn soft and mushy and have developed full color.’
    • ‘The soup is a thick, brown broth with bits of fish and mushy vegetables.’
    • ‘The meat was flavorful and juicy, the vegetables well-seasoned and not mushy, the masa casing tender and tasty, and all this was wonderfully brought to life by that spicy condiment.’
    soft, semi-liquid, pulpy, pappy, slushy, sloppy, spongy, squashy, squelchy, squishy
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  • 2 coloquial Excessively sentimental.

    ‘he gets as mushy as a Hallmark valentine’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it seems as if he has a compulsion to negate those brilliant pieces by introducing ill advised mushy sentimentality.’
    • ‘I know he doesn't like it when I get too mushy or sentimental but it's hard to contain my excitement sometimes.’
    • ‘Then suddenly, when the card-shops decide to boost their sales, we get all mushy and sentimental.’
    • ‘The movie doesn't have to be mushy and sentimental, as long as it is a movie that the whole family enjoys.’
    • ‘Nice to see I'm not the only one who gets all mushy and sappy despite my reputation for sober and cynical thinking.’
    • ‘How can a man so confident till that point turn into the stereotypical mushy cornball?’
    • ‘However, when the film's producer does spend three minutes on some romantic mushy angle of the story, this should not be the cue for yawning, snoring or standing up and stretching one's legs.’
    • ‘No matter how long it had been since my last relationship, I didn't want to jump straight to the mushy, lovey-dovey stuff.’
    • ‘If you have only the so-called happiness you'll grow to be like all these sappy happy people: mushy and artificial.’
    • ‘Gimmie some Dashboard Confessional and I well up and get all mushy.’
    sentimental, mawkish, over-sentimental, emotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, syrupy
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/ˈməSHē/ /ˈməʃi/