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music box

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  • A small box that plays a tune, typically when the lid is opened. A traditional music box contains a cylinder, turned by clockwork, with projecting teeth that pluck a row of tuned metal strips as it revolves.

    ‘She turned and saw a little music box playing the soft lullaby.’
    • ‘She was singing a little song that she had made up from the tune of the music box her mother had given her.’
    • ‘It was not music like that which one might hear from a music box, but was more like an entire orchestra playing very a very fast tune unlike any they had heard before.’
    • ‘I sit here and listen to my music box play its little song.’
    • ‘He heard her set the music box aside and search for more items in the box.’
    • ‘He kneeled down in front of the dresser and stared at the music box as it played the beautiful song in delicate notes.’
    • ‘There was her nightstand with pictures and a music box.’
    • ‘Jessica picked up the music box, and she began to play it.’
    • ‘A music box plays reluctantly to introduce a menacing drone that dominates the piece despite the protests of a scraped guitar.’
    • ‘She swung around, accidentally hitting a music box with her hand.’
    • ‘It was a picture of the music box and an article next to it.’
    • ‘There's a little music box inside that plays Silent Night.’
    • ‘Gabrielle had bought her a music box, but when the accident occurred, it had hit the ground forcefully and was smashed to bits.’
    • ‘He pulled out the music box slowly, and he put it in her hand.’
    • ‘The sounds of a music box shifted into gusting wind as one group of dancers exited upstage while another solemnly entered.’
    • ‘On the floor beside the bed, lay an overturned music box - the one he had sent her just after he proposed.’


music box

/ˈmyo͞ozik ˌbäks/ /ˈmjuzɪk ˌbɑks/