Definition of music drama in English:

music drama


  • An opera whose structure is governed by considerations of dramatic effectiveness, rather than by the convention of having a series of formal arias.

    ‘“Aida” is a music drama, not a series of highlights’
    • ‘Wagner represented music drama as a harmonious union of music and poetry’
    • ‘The urge to turn Schubert's Winterreise into a staged music drama is apparently irresistible, considering how many attempts have been made in recent years.’
    • ‘It's what transformed the Winterreise of Franz Schubert from a song recital to a true music drama and an avant-gardist spectacle.’
    • ‘This summer Radio 3 will also launch Broken And Blue - a national competition inviting writers to create an original music drama for radio.’
    • ‘Martin comes up with stunning music for all this, as well as a new way of creating music drama.’
    • ‘Although he has Wagner credentials, this director is not an expert on Wagnerian music drama in the way that I am.’


music drama

/ˈmyo͞ozik ˌdrämə/ /ˈmjuzɪk ˌdrɑmə/