Definition of music theater in English:

music theater


  • A combination of music and drama in modern form distinct from traditional opera, typically for a small group of performers.

    ‘She will be joined by sixteen other performers from across the country who will perform a diverse repertoire of music, speech and drama and music theatre at this prestigious event.’
    • ‘As is the case with all music theater, charismatic performers immersed in the material are crucial ingredients, especially for audiences unfamiliar with the language and conventions of ta'ziyeh.’
    • ‘His shift from composing incidental music for the theatre to writing groundbreaking music theatre was partly a response to his dissatisfaction with ‘straight’ theatre.’
    • ‘Interdisciplinary projects in combination with other art forms - such as live electronics, dance theatre, music theatre, and installations - add further depth to the ensemble's profile.’
    • ‘From the early 60's to the 1980 he focused first on sculpture, then on music, then on performance art and music theatre.’
    • ‘At the moment there are places available in Kindermusic, music theatre and the orchestra.’
    • ‘Since then, he has worked with many music theatre production companies and been a recipient of both Lyrebird and Guild Awards.’
    • ‘The company is active nationally and internationally in the areas of music, music theatre, dance and new media performance and is particularly focused on developing and producing new work and specialist festivals.’
    • ‘We look after opera and ballet and things like that, but for some reason music theatre is seen as an American genre, so people get a bit cynical about it here.’
    • ‘In the era of through-sung quasi-operatic musicals, the Rodgers and Hammerstein school of music theatre, where characters burst into song at the drop of a hat, can seem terribly old-fashioned.’
    • ‘It was initially staged as music theatre in 1998.’
    • ‘So do you think the possibilities of the musical have been explored further in music theatre?’
    • ‘Unlike the concert hall, there are no rules in music theatre.’
    • ‘I don't think of our show in terms of music theatre, because it's original, fairly serious and it isn't kitsch and camp.’
    • ‘This funny and entertaining music theatre show combines the talents and experience of some Australia's most distinguished artists.’
    • ‘The following day music theatre students present The Wizard of Ozzy, their own version of The Wizard of Oz also at the Arts Centre.’
    • ‘It is human story that is comical and whimsical, a sizzling night of music theatre cabaret.’


music theater

/ˈmyo͞ozik ˌTHēədər/ /ˈmjuzɪk ˌθiədər/