Definition of music to one's ears in English:

music to one's ears

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  • Something that is pleasant or gratifying to hear or discover.

    ‘the commission's report was music to the ears of the administration’
    • ‘And this is why it was music to my ears when I heard the President today say that he believes in after school programs, that he believes in taking care of those kids.’
    • ‘It was one of my goals when I started, you see, so that's music to my ears, to hear someone say that.’
    • ‘Even an acknowledgement that ‘mistakes were made ‘- a notorious passive-voice, bureaucratic quasi-evasion of responsibility - would be music to our ears just about now.’’
    • ‘When we hear politicians talking about teaching people to be parents, that's music to our ears.’
    • ‘You gave it your best shot, and you lost - big time. The power you thought was your birthright has eluded you yet again, and your misery is music to my ears.’
    • ‘I've been advocating this for decades so it's music to my ears.’
    • ‘Retirement is no longer music to his ears and he is greatly concerned about the next 10 years to be spent in retirement.’
    • ‘Gentlemanly expressions of abhorrence, uttered in the tones of the best British regiments, were music to their ears, and my father would repeat them in mimicry until his death at the age of 92.’
    • ‘It's a risk - but my bet is that the sound of politicians being themselves and standing for what they believe in, even when it runs contrary to the party line, may be music to their ears.’
    • ‘For tax directors who complain of a cacophony of regulation, such language must be music to their ears.’