Definition of musical glasses in English:

musical glasses

plural noun

  • A series of drinking glasses or bowls filled with varying amounts of water and played as a musical instrument by rubbing the rims with the fingers.

    ‘In 1761, Benjamin Franklin heard a set of these musical glasses and decided that he could do better.’
    • ‘By the 17th century, the ethereal tones of musical glasses were the height of fashion in upper class society.’
    • ‘Beautiful arrangements combine the unique sounds of musical glasses with piano and strings that is different from anything you've heard before.’
    • ‘Add food coloring to the water in the musical glasses to make a different color in each glass.’
    • ‘He didn't simply refine the idea of musical glasses, which were played much like children at the dinner table play them today, with notes being determined by the amount of water in the glass.’
    • ‘The glass harmonica, also called musical glasses, became so popular in Europe in the 17th century that Mozart composed an adagio for it.’
    • ‘Franklin moistened his fingers and held them against the rims of the glass hemispheres as they turned, producing a sound similar to the musical glasses.’
    • ‘In 1761 Benjamin Franklin became familiar with the sound of the ‘musical glasses’ and invented the glass harmonica.’
    • ‘By age five, she played in concert at the Academy of Music, and by the time she was 14, she conducted her own all-girl orchestra and was featured on stage with the marimba and musical glasses.’


musical glasses

/ˈˌmyo͞ozəkəl ˈɡlasəz/ /ˈˌmjuzəkəl ˈɡlæsəz/