Definition of musical saw in English:

musical saw


  • A saw used as a musical instrument, typically held between the knees and played with a bow like a cello, the note varying with the degree of bending of the blade.

    ‘Thus the musical saw has an equal right to inclusion in the gallery as the cor anglais.’
    • ‘I've come to know the sounds of her musical saw from a distance, and they fill me with dread.’
    • ‘You don't often get to hear a didgeridoo, cello, organ and musical saw in the same piece of music, but if that intrigues you, here's your chance.’
    • ‘On their latest album, you will hear guitar, banjo, piano, musical saw, accordion, autoharp, and melodica as well as a mismatched array of mostly live cymbals and drums.’
    • ‘Fat, low, brassy blues, cynical lyric-driven ballads, a minor key waltz on a musical saw, jazz, rock, blues, country - the whole album is a love song to music.’
    • ‘In the 1920s and 1930s, it caught on like wildfire, and with the mass production of speciality musical saws, sales of 30,000 per year were not uncommon.’
    • ‘The four core members eventually began adding about one musician a month, providing musical saw, sousaphone, viola, Theremin and other instruments until there were 14 players.’
    • ‘The musical saw numbers are particularly striking.’
    • ‘Steel and acoustic guitars, fiddles, banjo, piano, accordion, harmonica, brass and upright bass create a bulbous, classic sound haunted by the quivers of musical saws and other alien devices.’
    • ‘It's actually one of their most solid, cohesive releases, immediately illustrating that the band's utilization of theremin, marimba, banjo, musical saw, and bass clarinet was never a gimmick, but rather a means to an end.’
    • ‘Just about the best of the great cities emerging in the ‘new’ EU, it has unblemished historical buildings, music - from solo musical saws to full-throttle dance - great grub and beer.’
    • ‘A professional musical saw is typically 28 ‘long.’’
    • ‘Like the musical saw, the er-hu is best suited to the long vocal sounding line, however in a recent concert I heard him cut lose on his high speed chops which included a wild effect of horses on the gallop.’
    • ‘In a professional manner and with gentle humour, he guided us skillfully through the history, and the technical and practical requirements of playing a musical saw.’


musical saw

/ˈˌmyo͞ozəkəl ˈsô/ /ˈˌmjuzəkəl ˈsɔ/