Definition of musicale in English:



North American
  • A musical gathering or concert, typically small and informal.

    ‘musicales at which Anita and her mother played the piano’
    • ‘The songs of the day, published in sheet music for womenfolk to play in parlor musicales, tended toward sing-along novelties and Victorian laments such as ‘Oh Promise Me.’’
    • ‘It was rooted in the parlour musicales, the outdoor sing-songs, the marching bands, the hymns stoutly sung in church, and other impressions of his boyhood; its poetry is that of a pastoral New England before the motor car.’
    • ‘His schedule during the spring semester includes a performance with the Midwest Children's Choir Festival in February and a scholarship musicale in April.’
    • ‘The arena was one flight upstairs in the town auditorium where local musicales, lectures and forums on raised taxes were shouted over.’
    • ‘For much of the 19th century wave upon wave of gentlefolk of both nations descended on the Riviera, sketching, botanising and indulging in soirées musicales, and all for the sake of their health.’
    • ‘Provide a few costume effects like hats, scarves, gloves, glasses along with some props to inspire tiny thespians in giving a short skit or musicale for the adults.’



/ˌmyo͞ozəˈkal/ /ˌmjuzəˈkæl/


Late 19th century French, from soirée musicale ‘evening of music’.