Definition of musically in English:


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  • 1In a way that relates to music.

    ‘the songs are interesting, both musically and lyrically’
    • ‘musically gifted young people’
    • ‘He offered a challenging, musically stimulating program of rarely played keyboard scores.’
    • ‘Chadwick and Foote, although they lingered into the Thirties, really come from the late Nineteenth Century, musically speaking.’
    • ‘A few years of waiting will do him no harm technically, and can only make him more musically mature than ever.’
    • ‘He's not the first to have later musically documented his rise and fall, either.’
    • ‘I am musically educated, but I'm at the bottom of the class.’
    • ‘And, despite taking few chances thematically or musically, she delivers a tight, nothing-wasted set.’
    • ‘Both visually and musically the whole show is as bright and shiny as a brand-new kitchen.’
    • ‘She graduated in 1960 and that same year married the violinist Jaime Laredo, with whom she collaborated musically.’
    • ‘On the plus side, the band has never sounded better: tight, spirited, and musically accomplished.’
    • ‘Musically it's a piano and guitar band based around simple yet powerful arrangements.’
  • 2With a pleasant sound; melodiously.

    ‘she laughed musically’
    • ‘The water gurgled musically in a small twisting torrent from the old tap.’
    • ‘In all the trees, birds chirped musically.’
    • ‘Monk and Gonzalez, sitting at the kitchen table, converse musically in rhythmic nonsense syllables.’
    • ‘She sat down carefully, the jewels in her dress clinking musically against the smooth wood of the chair.’
    • ‘Rachael spoke softly, her voice chiming musically, and Sarah heard a deeper meaning in her words and was puzzled.’
    • ‘Never mind what he's saying: His eyes are flashing beneath the brim of his cap, his smile gleams, his voice flows musically.’
    • ‘Rachel blinked then laughed musically.’



/ˈmyo͞ozək(ə)lē/ /ˈmjuzək(ə)li/