Definition of musicianship in English:


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  • Skill as a musician.

    ‘he dazzled the audience with his superb musicianship’
    • ‘This singer-songwriter displays impressive musicianship in both her powerful vocal performance and her guitar-playing style.’
    • ‘This latest exercise in public humiliation is not the way to encourage musicianship.’
    • ‘The downside is that his brilliant musicianship was channelled into commercial hits.’
    • ‘There is honest emotion and talented musicianship displayed here.’
    • ‘The programme is suitable for musicians wishing to develop their musicianship and performing skills and their theoretical knowledge.’
    • ‘I was overwhelmed by his commanding, assured musicianship in Bach, Haydn, Chopin, Smetana, Liszt, and Grainger.’
    • ‘He attended a boarding school for five years where the best of teachers taught the students on various aspects of musicianship.’
    • ‘Members of a successful jazz group need a high level of musicianship.’
    • ‘Judges will be looking for tuneful singing and a good standard of musicianship.’
    • ‘This gifted threesome combines chic glamour with splendid musicianship.’



/myo͞oˈziSH(ə)nˌSHip/ /mjuˈzɪʃ(ə)nˌʃɪp/