Definition of muskellunge in English:



  • A large pike that occurs only in the Great Lakes region.

    Also called maskinonge or lunge

    Esox masquinongy, family Esocidae

    ‘Predatory fish in the ecozone include the lake sturgeon, brook trout, lake trout, northern pike, muskellunge, largemouth bass, sauger, and walleye.’
    • ‘A tiger muskie is a hybrid between a muskellunge and a northern pike.’
    • ‘Their close relative, the muskellunge, have scales covering only the upper half of their cheek and gill covers.’
    • ‘Of the six types of pike found, only northern pike and muskellunge retain any culinary value.’
    • ‘Although it has value as a game fish, it is outclassed by a far larger member of the genus, the muskellunge (maskinonge in Canada), E. masquinongy, of which the principal subspecies inhabits the Great Lakes region.’



/ˈməskəˌlənj/ /ˈməskəˌləndʒ/


Late 18th century based on Ojibwa, ‘great fish’.