Definition of Musket Wars in English:

Musket Wars

plural noun

  • A series of intertribal conflicts among Maori in the early nineteenth century, marked by the widespread use of firearms, which had been newly acquired through trade with Europeans.

    ‘kids should be taught about the musket wars and the full story of the Treaty’
    • ‘Great deal for them, especially given the tragedy of the musket wars.’
    • ‘But after 1840, the Crown failed miserably in righting all the wrongs of those musket wars.’
    • ‘The Musket Wars have overturned traditional tribal territories.’
    • ‘Maori killed about 20,000 of each other in the tribal Musket Wars of the 1820s and 30s.’
    • ‘Raids during the Musket Wars of the early 19th century left the area without a permanent population.’
    • ‘They had slowly returned after the Musket Wars.’
    • ‘He fought with distinction alongside Hongi Hika in the musket wars of the 1820s before converting to Christianity.’
    • ‘Because of the musket wars, the area was sparsely settled.’
    • ‘The weapon was used by Maori warriors during the Musket Wars of the 1820s.’
    • ‘We didn't want to re-start the musket wars over which Maori name would win the day.’