Definition of must-see in English:



  • Highly recommended as worth seeing.

    • ‘one of the must-see pieces at the exhibition’


  • A place, event, or entertainment that is highly recommended as worth seeing.

    ‘this sassy and superior suspense thriller is a must-see’
    • ‘All three exhibits are clear-headed, well-executed and must-sees.’
    • ‘Here are some must-sees in the city proper and beyond.’
    • ‘The symbol of Paris - the Eiffel Tower - is one of the first must-sees in Paris.’
    • ‘To help narrow down the choices, here's a list of 10 must-sees, followed by a few places you should avoid.’
    • ‘The last but not the least of the Egypt must-sees is Cairo with its pyramids.’
    • ‘I would like to think that any music-lover could look at our programme and find at least six must-sees on it.’
    • ‘What are the must-sees at next week's Cannes film festival?’
    • ‘However, in a country with such a looming past there are certain must-sees.’
    • ‘It was close to the metro and city centre, making all the must-sees easily accessible.’
    • ‘After several years of waiting, the film has finally been released on DVD, and it is a must-see.’
    • ‘Each and every one of these is a must-see, and while some of them are no longer playing in theatres, any one would make a great rental.’
    • ‘Otherwise I will definitely be going to see the penguin parade at Edinburgh zoo - that's always a must-see.’
    • ‘Check out these must-sees showcasing the indomitable human spirit.’
    • ‘It is a treat to watch, and one of the must-sees wherever the troupe visits.’
    • ‘They have now become a must-see, according to television executives.’
    • ‘Animation has suddenly become the must-see entertainment, able to excite and entertain across the generations.’
    • ‘But even the must-see sights have the element of surprise on their side.’
    • ‘The experienced cast and ensemble will make this musical thriller a must-see for all theatre lovers.’
    • ‘This show is a must-see even if you haven't seen any of the other seasons.’
    • ‘It is a must-see for English literature teachers as well as art teachers at the high-school level or above.’