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(also moustache)
  • 1A strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip.

    ‘The soldier is played by Basim Hamed, a willowy, 31-year-old sculptor who shaved his shoulder-length hair and grew a mustache for the part.’
    • ‘She has a pencil-thin moustache on her upper lip.’
    • ‘An old man wearing glasses that drooped down to his nose with grey hair and a thin grey mustache above his upper lip stood before us with a grin.’
    • ‘He can make out the attempts at a mustache on his upper lip, but his hair is too fine and matches his pink skin too well to show.’
    • ‘The dads in the 1900 and 1940s houses had a whale of a time, being required to do little more than grow a moustache, read old newspapers and lift their feet for their wretched wives to sweep under.’
    • ‘Just because a pimply-faced 15-year-old tries to grow a moustache so he can buy cigarettes, nobody's fooled.’
    • ‘I saw Seymour today & he is having a struggle to grow a moustache.’
    • ‘Then they accuse me of not being able to grow a real moustache.’
    • ‘I, for one, would never consider voting for anyone who couldn't grow a moustache, at the very least.’
    • ‘I was in Germany for over a month, long enough to learn to appreciate the white beer, not long enough to grow a moustache.’
    • ‘One month I actually grew a moustache, just so I could say that I'd done something.’
    • ‘Since he grew a long moustache for a role in the West End, people have stopped calling him Nigel in the street.’
    • ‘The man police want to question is described as being in his forties, 5ft 10 in tall, medium build, with olive skin and short black hair and a thick moustache.’
    • ‘She said: ‘He looked like a robust muscular man with white hair and a moustache.’’
    • ‘He looked about 60, had really long grey hair and a long moustache, and thin, long, really white legs, proper old man's legs.’
    • ‘One had a black moustache and had his hair tied up.’
    • ‘He's described as 5'11 in height and of medium build with tightly cropped hair and a ginger moustache.’
    • ‘He was swarthy and well-built, with dark hair and a moustache.’
    • ‘He is of a medium build and has short grey receding hair and a moustache.’
    • ‘She told police at the time that he had long hair and a moustache and was travelling alone in a white pick-up truck, with only his dog.’
    1. 1.1A growth similar to a moustache, or a marking that resembles one, around the mouth of some animals.
      ‘The Clay-colored can be distinguished from the Chipping by a brown, rather than gray, rump, a darker face pattern, and the absence of a moustache.’
      • ‘The Nurse Shark has a small mouth with what looks like a moustache to help it find food.’
      • ‘Izzy is described as a green parakeet with an orangey-red ring around his neck, a big, red beak with a black moustache and 28-inch tail feathers.’
      • ‘The cattle dog's harsh tousled coat (except on the head where it is shorter and flat), its moustache and little beard all give it a forbidding appearance.’
      • ‘I waddled jovially around the apartment in my Santa suit, laughing through the beard's tiny mouth hole like a walrus blowing through its moustache.’



/ˈməsˌtaSH/ /ˈməsˌtæʃ/ /məˈstaSH/ /məˈstæʃ/


Late 16th century from French, from Italian mostaccio, from Greek mustax, mustak-.