Definition of mustache cup in English:

mustache cup


  • A cup with a partial cover that protects the mustache of the person drinking from it.

    ‘Many antique dealers are unwittingly advertising mustache cups for sale that are in reality shaving mugs.’
    • ‘Are you saying that your fixation on mustache cups means that you want to own one of the said mustaches?’
    • ‘Be sure you know the difference between a mustache cup and a shaving mug before you go shopping.’
    • ‘One day Grandma bought Estell a fancy cup, not a mustache cup, but a cup to drink out of.’
    • ‘I have a mustache cup with saucer and have been told by antique dealers that to have a matching saucer is rare.’
    • ‘A few years ago a Californian advertised for sale a collection of 1,000 bone china mustache cups.’
    • ‘You feel sorry for Mr. Pinney, bristling and blustering, with his eawing laugh and his spoon cracking in the mustache cup and his pocket comb and his self-inflated pride and obtrusive optimism.’
    • ‘This is a mustache cup my good friend made for me.’
    • ‘Please see our inventory for more mustache cups and German porcelain.’
    • ‘Each member had his own mustache cup for beer and all were required to sing.’
    • ‘Rather, a mustache cup is no more than an ordinary cup that is manufactured with a small dam across the bottom edge that prevents the beverage from wetting a gentleman's mustache.’
    • ‘Present day interest in mustache cups is rapidly rising among collectors; as a result counterfeit mustache cups have tainted the market, requiring caution among enthusiasts.’
    • ‘He was giving me a spiel on the rarity of mustache cups and it irritated me as the cup may have been a mustache cup, but the wholeness was gone!’
    • ‘A history of mustache cups is provided.’
    • ‘If you have saved your grandfather's mustache cup because of your affection and respect for the esteemed gentleman, it will actually be worth no more than any mustache cup should you someday place it on the auction block.’


mustache cup

/ˈməˌstaSH ˌkəp/ /ˈməˌstæʃ ˌkəp/ /məˈstaSH ˌkəp/ /məˈstæʃ ˌkəp/