Definition of mustachios in English:


plural noun

  • A long or elaborate mustache.

    ‘It appears that beneath the glistening boots and bristling Prussian mustachios of the time, German society was a veritable sink of seething lust.’
    • ‘At 59 he still wears his old-fashioned beard, the sharp mustachios now flecked with grey.’
    • ‘The other effigy represents an aged and demure-looking man with a forked beard and mustachios, having a wrinkled forehead, and the hair stiff and combed off the face.’
    • ‘Were they, along with their mustachios, from another era, a different time and place?’
    • ‘If he'd had mustachios, Cathy had no doubt at all that he'd be twirling them.’



/məˈstaSHēˌōz/ /məˈstæʃiˌoʊz/


Mid 16th century from Spanish mostacho (singular), from Italian mostaccio (see mustache).