Definition of muster in in English:

muster in

phrasal verb

  • muster someone in, muster in someoneEnroll someone into military service.

    ‘soon after my arrival I got mustered in’
    • ‘Months later, when he was mustered out of the service, he was wondering what he'd do for a career.’
    • ‘Like most of the Continental army, they were mustered out after the war.’
    • ‘The 1st Rhode Islanders were 90-day volunteers, so Kady and Robert were mustered out at the end of those three months.’
    • ‘After almost three continuous years of war, the 82nd Illinois was mustered out in Washington D.C. on June 9, 1865 and returned to an enthusiastic welcome in Chicago on June 16.’
    • ‘The 54th Massachusetts was mustered out of the army on August 16, 1865, after twenty-six months of service.’
    • ‘In 1902, Rasmus was mustered out of the Army, ‘to die of malaria,’ he would later say.’
    • ‘The year he was mustered out of the navy, he ran the first of two vitriolic campaigns in California that established his reputation as a man always on the attack.’
    • ‘The man who had been elected Lender's lieutenant while still in Bloomington left the regiment before he could be mustered in.’
    • ‘He had been mustered out of the army and with his pay, bought a brand new motorcycle.’
    • ‘He enrolled in the service during the Civil War, and after being mustered out prepared to work at a bookbindery in Pennsylvania.’
    enlist, sign up, enrol, engage, take on, round up