Definition of mutagenize in English:


transitive verb

(also British mutagenise)
[with object]Biology
  • Treat (a cell, organism, etc.) with a mutagenic agent or agents.

    ‘we mutagenized wild-type haploid cells’
    • ‘Historically, three programmes for the identification of photorespiratory mutants in chemically mutagenized seed sets were performed.’
    • ‘The accuracy of each mutagenized plasmid was checked by sequencing.’
    • ‘We mutagenized a wild-type strain and sought animals that were defective in cultivation-temperature avoidance.’
    • ‘A total of 12,600 transformants from six individually mutagenized pools were screened.’
    • ‘Shown underneath is the region that was mutagenized in this study.’



/ˈmyo͞odəjəˌnīz/ /ˈmjudədʒəˌnaɪz/