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mute swan

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  • The most common Eurasian swan, having white plumage and an orange-red bill with a black knob at the base. Introduced to the northeastern US, its range is expanding along the Atlantic coast and the Great Lakes region.

    Cygnus olor, family Anatidae

    ‘Invasives like mute swans and rock pigeons are wreaking ecological havoc throughout the United States and threatening countless native species.’
    • ‘But fly-fishers claim mute swans are stripping these rivers of water crowfoot, an aquatic plant crucial to trout and the insects they eat.’
    • ‘On a recent walk I saw a kingfisher skim across the surface and a number of mute swans.’
    • ‘Wildlife managers say mute swans are destroying significant amounts of submerged aquatic vegetation and chasing other shorebirds away from their nesting sites.’
    • ‘We had our first recorded nesting of mute swans at the reserve.’


mute swan

/ˈmyo͞ot ˌswän/ /ˈmjut ˌswɑn/