Definition of mutilator in English:



See mutilate

‘A good start at rectifying the situation would be the swift arrest and visible punishment of those responsible for the massacre, including the mutilators caught on film.’
  • ‘In addition to the family of cannibalistic mutilators, there is a whole bunch of weird-looking people in the basement, doing medical experiments on mutants.’
  • ‘Just like self - mutilators cannot stop cutting, I couldn't stop starving myself or binging and purging.’
  • ‘Though the film could be seen as a battle of the sexes, the mutilators are themselves all women, while several men support the fight to end the practice.’
  • ‘It's in these moments that we forget we're watching a movie about a self mutilator and instead a living, breathing human being.’



/ˌmyo͞od(ə)lˈādər/ /ˌmjud(ə)lˈeɪdər/