Definition of Mutsun in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmuːtsuːn/


(also Mutsu-n)
  • 1A member of a North American Indian people formerly inhabiting the Pajaro River drainage and adjacent areas of the central coast of California and gathered into the San Juan Bautista Mission after 1799.

  • 2An extinct Costanoan language spoken by the Mutsun.


(also Mutsu-n)
  • Of, relating to, or designating this people or their language. Formerly also: †of or designating the languages of the Utian (Miwok-Costanoan) language family or their speakers (obsolete).


Mid 19th century. From Spanish mutsun, alteration of a Mutsun Costanoan name, of uncertain shape, for a tribelet at La Natividad.