Definition of mutual inductance in English:

mutual inductance


  • 1Physics
    A measure or coefficient of mutual induction, usually expressed in henries.

    ‘That's three different mutual inductances for three coils, and six mutual inductances for four coils.’
    • ‘Though it is certainly not obvious, it can be shown that the mutual inductance is the same for both circuits.’
    • ‘In this formula all dimensions are in inches and the mutual inductance is in microhenrys.’
    • ‘The mutual inductance appears in the circuit equations for both the primary and secondary circuits of the transformer.’
    • ‘Can I approximate the mutual inductance with the coaxial loops model?’
    1. 1.1The property of a circuit which permits mutual induction.
      ‘In turn, the mutual inductance then causes a cross-talk effect, resulting in a data error.’
      • ‘This novel and robust, multi axis, force input sensor is based on the principal of mutual inductance.’
      • ‘More important though, as the field expands and collapses, it generates a counter - electromotive force, by way of mutual inductance within the same coil.’
      • ‘A device specifically designed to produce the effect of mutual inductance between two or more coils is called a transformer.’


mutual inductance

/ˌmyo͞oCH(o͞ow)əl inˈdəktəns/ /ˌmjutʃ(uw)əl ɪnˈdəktəns/