Definition of mutual induction in English:

mutual induction


  • The production of an electromotive force in a circuit by a change in the current in an adjacent circuit which is linked to the first by the flux lines of a magnetic field.

    ‘If we start from the point of mutual induction instead of energy level of electrons, can we arrive at the same conclusion?’
    • ‘In eddy current inspection, the eddy currents are generated in the test material due to mutual induction.’
    • ‘An example of mutual induction is pictured in figure 112.’
    • ‘Alongside induction caused by string vibrations or a similar mechanical motion, there also exists the phenomenon of mutual induction.’
    • ‘Among his discoveries in electro magnetism were mutual induction, self-induction, the electro magnetic relay and the concept of the electric transformer.’


mutual induction

/ˌmyo͞oCH(o͞ow)əl inˈdəkSHən/ /ˌmjutʃ(uw)əl ɪnˈdəkʃən/