Definition of mutuality in English:



  • The sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties.

    ‘a high degree of mutuality of respect for each other's expertise’
    • ‘The sharing of this type of information on the part of the physician demonstrates a high degree of mutuality in the relationship.’
    • ‘Friendship is a unique relationship because of the mutuality and equality of the participants.’
    • ‘At issue here is the balance within relationships between dominance and mutuality.’
    • ‘But yesterday the spokesman for Standard Life appeared to indicate the board was now taking a more pragmatic approach towards mutuality.’
    • ‘Customers are being strongly recommended to approve the plan by a management team which only a matter of months ago was extolling the virtues of mutuality.’



/ˌmyo͞oCHəˈwalədē/ /ˌmjutʃəˈwælədi/