Definition of mutule in English:



  • A stone block projecting under a cornice in the Doric order.

    ‘The triglyphs are omitted in favor of a blank frieze, but the mutules with guttae of Benjamin's design are present.’
    • ‘The cornice has projecting blocks or mutules in its exposed lower surface or soffit, above which is a plain vertical face or corona, finished by a group of crowning moldings.’
    • ‘The piers and pilasters carry a deep entablature which was enriched with triglyphs and mutules.’
    • ‘At the end of the central nave there is a large cornice decorated with mutules or rectangular blocks, and with a triangular pediment at the top.’
    • ‘It has Tuscan columns, a frieze with triglyphs, metopes, guttae and mutules, and is surmounted by a triangular pediment.’



/ˈmyo͞oˌCHo͞ol/ /ˈmjuˌtʃul/


Mid 16th century from Latin mutulus.