Definition of mux in English:


Pronunciation /məks/


  • A multiplexer.

    ‘The mux can select between this data or data from the drive.’
    • ‘At 9th clock cycle the first LD command reaches the replay mux and is resent.’
    • ‘Wavelength-per-user architectures were not considered in the past because cost-effective passive narrowband WDM muxes were not available.’
    • ‘When we discussed the replay working principles, we mentioned a few times that the scheduler halts the work when the command turned to replay approaches replay mux.’
    • ‘Instead they offered out a national multiplex and up to three regional ones to provide a service alongside whatever the BBC decided to carry on its own national mux.’


short for multiplex
  • ‘‘This would allow them to statistically multiplex it, send it back, restat mux it and send it up again without having to re-encode it,’ he said.’