Definition of mycoplasma in English:


nounplural noun mycoplasmas, plural noun mycoplasmata/-mətə/

  • Any of a group of small typically parasitic bacteria that lack cell walls and sometimes cause diseases.

    Class Mollicutes and order Mycoplasmatales

    ‘All microbes, be it viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi or parasites interfere in research.’
    • ‘The mycoplasmas are extra cellular parasites usually attached to the external surface of cells, but can also penetrate these.’
    • ‘The antibiotics must be able to penetrate cell walls, as the mycoplasma are hidden inside cells.’
    • ‘Results of blood, urine, and bronchoalveolar lavage cultures were negative, as well as serology for legionella and mycoplasma.’
    • ‘The cell cultures were routinely checked for mycoplasma and were found to be free of contamination.’



/ˌmīkōˈplazmə/ /ˌmaɪkoʊˈplæzmə/