Definition of myelitis in English:



  • Inflammation of the spinal cord.

    ‘In rare instances, infection results in myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord) and presents with symptoms such as muscle weakness, paralysis, or changes in body sensation.’
    • ‘African Americans were also at higher risk for transverse myelitis, an acute attack in which the spinal cord loses its ability to transmit nerve impulses up and down.’
    • ‘He did pray once, about 20 years ago, when he was struck down with acute transverse myelitis, a polio-like illness, while in Australia.’
    • ‘The exact cause of the infection has never been resolved - it may have been transverse myelitis, a viral infection, or bacterial meningitis.’
    • ‘Within a coupe of days it became apparent that all was far from well and he was later diagnosed as suffering from the effects of transverse myelitis, a rare condition of the spine.’



/ˌmīəˈlīdəs/ /ˌmaɪəˈlaɪdəs/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from Greek muelos ‘marrow’+ -itis.