Definition of myelopathy in English:



  • Disease of the spinal cord.

    ‘If the diagnosis is not clear, or there are diffuse symptoms, consider doing a full neurological examination to rule out causes such as peripheral neuropathy and cervical myelopathy.’
    • ‘The sudden onset of myelopathy secondary to spinal metastasis is a true neurologic emergency.’
    • ‘The clinical features vary widely and may resemble myelopathy, radiculopathy, muscle disease, or even hyperventilation.’
    • ‘Common signs and symptoms include vertigo, thoracic myelopathy with leg weakness, confusion, headache and hemiparesis.’
    • ‘These observations have been taken to support the hypothesis that the disorder is a type of cervical myelopathy.’



/ˌmīəˈläpəTHē/ /ˌmaɪəˈlɑpəθi/